The Foot Patch® - Rapid Pain Relief!!


Does throbbing foot pain steal your sleep? Does it make your workday miserable? Does the burning and freezing from neuropathy keep you from your kids or grandkids?  Does plantar fasciitis stop you from your sports and outdoor activities?

If any of this describes you, then you need to get The Foot Patch®! 

The Foot Patch - Benefits

 Starts working in minutes
MAXGEL® formula provides relief for to 8 hours
Easy to apply
FDA approved medicine
Goes directly on foot, no pills to take

The Foot Patch®

Don't let your feet slow you down!

  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Highest concentration of FDA approved pain medicine without a prescription
  • MAXGEL® formula provides relief for up to 8 hours
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Christine H.
The first one works great!

Just got mine. The first won works great!

Jacqueline A.
Perfect for nerve pain

The best money you spend if you have nerve pain!

Sheila H.
Works better than Meloxicam!

I have major foot problems and was in terrible pain when I recieved my foot patches so I applied one patch to my foot and forgot about it. The pain quickly went away. The patch was still working when I removed it before bed twelve hours later. Works better for me then the Meloxicam Dr prescribed! Thank you foot patch!

Capri L, Amesbury MA
My customers love The Foot Patch!

“I have been looking for a product to use in my clinic and I found that sprays and rubs just don't last. My patients have aches and pains in their arms, legs, neck, back, shoulders and feet. I would apply a topical Cream type rub and it would work as long as it was on the skin. Once the person showered it was gone the effect had worn off. I was contacted by the folks at The Foot Patch Company, and they told me about their product and was given a box of samples to try and apply to my patients after a therapy session, all of them were very happy with the results because of the long lasting effect of the patch up to 8 hours of pain relief was very welcomed by them. It’s an excellent product my customers are continuing to use them, and I am very happy to offer them going into the future.”